Fans questioning about Will Smith’s appearance as Genie in Disney’s ‘Aladdin’


(Web-Desk) – The Disney is all set to surprise everyone with the revival all-time favorite ‘Aladdin’ and the movie’s first look is out now. Everything superb… but something is unlikable for the fans and that is the appearance of Will Smith as Genie.

Well… this undesirable feeling is not at all for Will Smith the great but basically for the character he is playing in the movie. The ‘Aladdin’ fans have commented that Will Smith is not suitable to be a Genie in the movie.

Where everyone was talking about the new look of ‘Aladdin’ movie on social media, a number of other people were critically reviewing Will Smith’s character. Everyone keenly taking interest in this discussion is inquiring… Why Will Smith as Genie?

While taking their reviews to social media and specifically on Twitter, people called the Will Smith Genie as some character from a horror movie or like that of some odd toon selling different products in commercials. These were so unexpectedly interesting reviews and went viral on internet.

Most of the Will Smith’s fans were in a position of not accepting him do such role out of their love for him and is amazing acting skills. A fan commented that the character was owned by Robin Williams and so it is hard to see anyone replace him while being not suitable to play this role… Will Smith? Nooo Wayyy!!

Back in December 2018, Entertainment Weekly published a set of pictures from the coming movie. Will Smith s Genie wasn t blue in those images instead he looked like, the original Will Smith in a costume which was somewhat out of relevancy from the real Genie character. However, the actor posted the cover on Instagram while assuring fans he would be blue in the movie. Well… no one would have ever imagined of him being so blue!

The Disney’s remake of “Aladdin,” is directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Mena Massoud as Aladdin which will be screening in theaters on 24th of May. Everyone is waiting anxiously for that despite of undesirable look of Genie in the movie.



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