Famine in Thar: Two more deaths ascend death toll to 87


THARPARKAR (– Death toll in Thar ascended to 87 as two more children breathed their last today (Tuesday).

At least 22 children have fallen prey to famine in a span of two days whereas hundreds of children admitted to the hospitals are still struggling for life.

Insufficient arrangements in the hospitals have added to the misery of dearth-struck people whereas the havoc of pneumonia has left dozens of children in suffering.

Several areas including Chachru and Dhali remain devoid of wheat sent as aid while people have been deprived of water as hundreds of wells have dried up.

People residing in far-flung areas continued to migrate.

According to the locals of the area, wheat which is being sent as aid is not reaching the deserving people because of the political influence and feudal lords in the area.

Reportedly, all the schemes of the government regarding establishing filtration plants in the area have failed.



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