dsp, dpo to be responsible if torture cells determined: punjab government


The pakistan tehreek-e-insaf-led punjab authorities could be taking some of steps to reform the provincial police pressure, announced its spokesperson.

speaking to journalists, dr shahbaz gill, the spokesperson of the leader minister punjab, said that the chief minister has directed all district police officers (dpos) and deputy superintendents of police (dsps) to put up an affidavit affirming that there are no torture cells of their regions of jurisdiction. this measure has been taken after punjab’s anti-corruption unit discovered a private torture cellular, run by way of police officers, in a far flung location of lahore. of the guys rescued from the torture cell, one later died.

moreover, gill brought that a complaint container can be installation close to every essential police station for most of the people to hotel their lawsuits. which will ensure that topics related to the police are very well investigated, the leader minister has encouraged that an unbiased board, a watchdog, be formed to probe every case introduced before it.

the spokesperson also brought that a person may be placed in each police station to perform the public members of the family (pr) of the department.

requires reforming the one hundred eighty,000-sturdy punjab police gained pitch after a robber, salahuddin, turned into arrested and allegedly tortured to demise by the police.


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