Dried fruits prices spike as winter approaches


KARACHI – The rates of dried fruits increased by 40% within last three months while the export of dried fruits have increased by 30%,

During the period of first three months of the previous fiscal year, dried fruits worth 2.5 billion rupees were imported while this year the imports have been of 3.3 billion rupees. With the winter approaching, the rise in prices is making the commodity out of the reach of poor people.

According to the retailers, the demand of dried fruits and increased taxes are the reasons of hike in the prices of dried fruits. Currently the price of peanut is 200 rupees per kilo, almonds 1300 rupees, pistachio 1400 rupees, cashew is 1100 rupees and walnut is 400 rupees while the price of nut pine is 2000 rupees per kilo in the market.



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