Diamer Bhasha Dam: US pledges support for project


WASHINGTON 240055_94878746 – United States has assured international investment for the construction of Diamer Basha Dam, today, declaring that solution to the energy crisis is imperative to democracy in Pakistan.

Workshop had two separate sessions and dozens of American investors participated in the workshop conducted by the American government and reviewed the Diamer Bhasha Dam project.

Addressing the meeting, Head of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Rajiv Shah and American Ambassador Richard Olson said the smooth transition of democratic power in Pakistan has proved that Pakistan believes in democracy and has therefore restored the confidence of the United States.

They said America does not intend to put Pakistan’s democracy at stake merely because of the energy crisis. So America would not only be providing investment for Diamer Bhasha Dam but other power projects as well.

They also assured the American investors that their investment would be safe as Pakistan has guaranteed the safety of the investments and has never in the past been a defaulter in the payments of the international loans.

They further pronounced that according to the formula devised by US President Barak Obama, the aid provided to Pakistan would follow the same pattern of the aid provided to the African countries to combat energy crisis.

On this occasion, Pakistan’s Federal Minister Finance Ishaq Dar pin pointed the achievements of his government in the past 13 months.

He stated government is dedicated to construct other dams in addition to Diamer Bhasha Dam and are ready to provide every bit of assurance to the international investors.



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