Days of dictatorship gone for good: President Zardari


ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Addressing the joint session of the Parliament President Asif Ali Zardari said the previous Parliament had blocked the way of dictatorship by removing all undemocratic articles of the constitutional that served only the personal interests of the dictators.
“No one can now think of suspending or abrogating the constitution in future,” he said.
He said people of Pakistan have ushered in a new era with their vote and it was the responsibility of new the elected government to honour the mandate of the people.
The president said militancy was the biggest challenge faced by the country and all democratic forces should join hands to curb militancy.
He suggested that urgent steps were needed to overcome the energy crisis.
Protection of minorities, promotion of interfaith harmony, and stopping the misused of blasphemy law for settling personal scores are the responsibilities of the new governemnt.
Opposing the US drone attacks, President Zardari said the attacks were a violation of country’s sovereignty and were unacceptable.
“We will not allow anyone to violate our sovereignty,” he said; adding the drone attacks had proved counterproductive in the war on terror.
Stressing good relations with China and India, the president said the relations with China were the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy
He said dialogue was the only way to resolve the regional issue.
“We greatly value our relations with the Muslim world and the United States,” he said.
President Asif Ali Zardari has said that there is need to take hard decisions without delay to address challenges facing the country and carry forward the fruits of democracy to the grass-roots.
The President said there is also need to learn truth about past mistakes in order not to repeat them and this calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
“We cannot afford confrontation and need reconciliation,” he said.
President Zardari expressed the confidence that as democracy takes roots‚ we will rise to the dream that our founding fathers had about Pakistan.
The President congratulated once again the new elected Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif‚ the Speaker and the members of the National Assembly and hoped that they will rise to the expectations of the people.
He also congratulated people of Pakistan for their participation in the elections and said they demonstrated courage in defying threats by the enemies of democracy.
The President said there is no place for dictators in today s Pakistan and he salutes the people for their courage. They have spoken through their vote and their voice has been hyeard. It has been demonstrated by the smooth transfer of power.
The President said together we have fulfilled our promise of smooth transition of power from one democracy to another democracy. This democratic‚ peaceful transition marks the success of a prolonged struggle.176577_49942896



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