Chinese company signs agreement to collect garbage in Karachi


KARACHI (Web Desk) – An agreement has been signed between the Sindh government and a Chinese company for garbage disposal in Karachi, the Radio Pakistan reported.

In the first phase of the agreement signed between between the Solid Waste Management (SWM) and Chinese company Wuzung, garbage will be collected in the South and East districts of the metropolis.

In both districts, the Chinese company will lift the garbage from house to house free of cost. Garbage containers and dustbins will be placed in various locations of these districts.

SWM also plans to sign agreement with the Chinese company for garbage disposal in other districts of Karachi.

Accumulation of garbage in absence of an effective disposal system has become a serious health hazard creating numerous infectious and other diseases in certain parts of the city.Several areas already lack proper facilities for the collection and lifting of garbage resulting in insanitary conditions quite visible in almost all the localities of each town.

Karachi is home to Pakistan’s stock exchange and handles all of the cash-strapped country’s shipping. It generates most of Pakistan’s tax revenue.



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