Cement sales increase four percent in FY’s first four months


LAHORE – Cement sales in first four months of the Fiscal Year 2015-16 increased 4 percent taking the total to at least 11 million tons,

All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association stated that local sales have surged by at least 14 percent up to 90 lac ton. On the other hand, cement exports have fallen by 27 percent. The fall has seen a difference of at least seven lac ton compared to the past year.

In 2014, the exports stood at 27 lac ton whereas in the current year total of cement that has been exported is 20 lac ton.

The association stated that cement sales depend up to 80 percent on the local market. The association members have appealed the government to take steps to halt illegal smuggling of Iranian cement. The members said that the crime affects the sales on large scale.

The cement manufacturers have called for imposition of regulatory duty on imported cement bags up to at least 20 percent. It should be mentioned here that the association have demanded the imposition in addition to the already existing custom duty.

The manufacturers have tabled another demand regarding gas exports. The government has been asked to wave off at least five percent of the total taxes on gas exports via sea.

LPG and crude oil in FY 2015-16 s first quarter

The first quarter of the FY 2015-16 has seen 12 percent rise in average daily production of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) while crude oil’s production has fallen by 8 percent.

Statistics issued by the government show that production of crude oil per day in July-September period stood at 84,600 barrels. The production rate is at least 8 percent less than the first quarter of the last FY.

Industry experts are of the opinion that Tal Block’s outage caused the decrease in oil production. It should be mentioned here that Kohat’s Tal Block was shut down for as many as 20 days consecutively due to maintenance.

Kohat adds at least 20 percent to the local crude oil production.

On the other hand, LPG production remained steady at 4.2 billion-square-feet per day. The gas supply in local areas was improved during the last three months owing to the handsome production.

The statistics suggest that the production touched 1,400 ton per day with a 12 percent increase from the last FY’s quarter.

Food imports in FY 2015-16 early months

In the first quarter of fiscal year 2015-16, at least Rs 80 billion were spent on imports of milk, tea, spices, edible oil and pulses.

At least Rs 14 billion have been spent to import pulses in the first quarter. At least 45 percent of pulses utilized across country are imported and not indigenous. Moreover, edible oil worth Rs 45 billion was also imported.

The imports include spices worth Rs 3 billion.

Tea imports amount to a total of at least Rs 12 billion in the first three months of FY 2015-16. Pakistan is among the five countries that top milk production in the world. However, the government had to import milk worth Rs 6 billion



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