Candidate allures voters with feast while others contest by toss


GUJRANWALA – The second phase of Local Government (LG) polls were once again marked by interesting peculiarities as candidates experimented with different measures in an attempt to secure maximum amount of votes. In Gujranwala, the city of “Pehlewans” , one such candidate is alluring his voters with a luscious mouth watering feast which includes delectable dishes like Biryani, fish and many more. The candidate is confident that the “Pehlewans” will not disappoint and will help him in achieving victory.

On the other hand, an election victory was announced for Municipal Committee of Jalalpur Bhattian even though the polling has yet to start. Pakistan Muslim League—Nawaz’s (PML-N) members of Assembly conducted an election in which the fate of two candidates contesting for the seat of General Councilor was decided by a coin toss. PML-N’s Member of National Assembly (MNA) Shahid Hussain Bhatti and Member of Parliament Assembly (MPA) Asadullah Araeen offered the proposal of toss elections to independent candidates contesting for the same position to which they conceded.

However, the peculiar election did not favor the PML-N candidate and independent candidate Ejaz Bhatti emerged victorious after the toss.

A celebration ensued as soon as the winner was announced and people danced on the streets, over joyous on success of their candidate.

A similar toss was earlier held in ward number 11 of Jalalpur Bhattian between PML-N candidate Shahadat Ali and independent candidate Akmal Shareef. The PML-N candidate suffered the same fate as the independent candidate was declared victorious.



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