baldia factory hearth: proprietors display details of extortion


The proprietors of the ali firms garments factory arshad bhaila and shahid bhaila have recorded their testimonies inside the premises of pakistan consulate dubai via video link to the anti-terrorism court in karachi.

in one of the longest hearing that lasted about 9 hours that began at 9am and concluded around 6pm in the evening, one of the owners arshad bhaila reached dubai from europe, at the same time as shahid bhaila came from canada to recoded his version, sources stated.

in step with the diplomatic resources, the manufacturing facility owners in baldia town recorded the equal statements which they’d made before the contributors of the joint research group (jit) within the consulate in october 2015.

the jit file discovered that a famous birthday celebration leader had allegedly demanded extortion of rs200 million through his frontman from the factory proprietors in august 2012.

after recording the statements and testimonies, the judge sitting in karachi crossed tested the owners in nearly a three hours consultation.

moreover, an identity parade become additionally done through the video hyperlink in which bhaila brothers diagnosed nearly all of the accused.

“the statements of the factory proprietors have completely been recorded and the case could quickly reach its logical conclusion”, the proprietors of the factory were hopeful after the listening to within the consulate with the diplomatic team of workers.

around 260 humans were killed and dozens injured as a fire ravaged through the ali businesses manufacturing facility, owned through the bhaila brothers, in baldia city on Sept. 11, 2012.


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