avant-garde rocker john cale revisits his classics


a maestro of avant-garde rock who co-founded the famed velvet underground with lou reed and hobnobbed with andy warhol, welsh musician john cale isn’t always one for a traveled course.

“irrespective of wherein i am going, i used to be extra interested by how i get there,” he says. “i desired to take part within the natural evolution of song.”

cale remains at it as a 77-yr-antique with an implementing stature — set to play 3 suggests at the philharmonie de paris next week — and met with afp at his practice session studio hidden in a labyrinthian building in downtown los angeles.

surrounded by using his units — piano, guitar and violin — cale describes the high-octane ny of his youthful career within the early Nineteen Sixties.

“it became a cultural revolution going on,” he says. “each person turned into doing some thing, all people’s making films, or making concerts or some thing, on the road, you know, in houses, in lofts.”

“it became the coronary heart of the artistic reactor.”

keen on french composer erik satie with a fascination for dadaism, cale perfected his classical education beneath the yankee composer aaron copland.

he quick discovered himself face-to-face with reed, and the energy was palpable.

the duo met at a party attended through a enterprise that offered eu classical song that had proven an interest in rock, and reed become writing songs for them.

“he became very thrilled along with his poem referred to as ‘venus in furs’ and ‘heroin,’” cale recalls. “he said ‘they won’t allow me record the tune.’ and i went crazy.”


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