Areeba murder case further shrouded in mystery, remains unsolved


LAHORE – Evidential samples of Areeba murder case were sent to the laboratory for forensic analysis on Wednesday. The samples were sent after no concrete conclusion could be made even after the post mortem. The post mortem report did not yield the exact cause of Areeba’s death. No marks of abuse were found on her body. The claim of rape could also not be proved. Model Abeera alias Areeba’s murder case has become further shrouded in mystery as the crime still remains unsolved. On the other hand, police was unable to present key suspect Tooba in the court even after 48 hours. It is crucial to present the suspect in the court within 24 hours for arraignment. Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Investigation Rana Ayaz had confirmed the arrest of suspect Tooba two days ago.

According to the post mortem report, blood was oozing out of Areeba’s mouth. Her dead body remained stiff due to the body being kept in the freezer. Finger marks of another person were reported on the victim’s fingers. Further samples have been sent for forensic test and DNA analysis. Doctors have said that the cause ofdeath will only come to light after forensic lab tests.

Police have broadened their investigation by obtaining the cell phone data of both the victim and key suspect Tooba. Mutual phone contacts of Areeba and Tooba will also be interrogated. According to the police, model Areeba and Tooba became friends in December 2014. Areeba had shifted to Tooba’s house a day before her murder. Suspect Tooba has stated that Areeba’s close friend is a person named Moid. A search has been started for Moid.

Areeba’s sister while talking to Dunya News stated that she had last spoken to her sister on the night of 11th January at 10 o’ clock. Areeba’s mobile phone went off after that. The victim’s brother Zohaib has accused that suspect Tooba and her accomplices are professional felons.



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