Animated film brings van Gogh’s art to life


GDANSK, (AFP) – Danuta Roman is channelling her inner Vincent van Gogh. She applies short brushstrokes of azure, turquoise and Payne s grey to mimic water reflections on an oil painting by the Dutch master.

“I m trying to figure out how he created this landscape,” says the 42-year-old painter as she studies an 1887 canvas with the Seine river and a scene outside Paris.

She and some 70 other artists are working on what is billed as the world s first feature-length animated film made entirely through hand-painted canvasses.

Entitled “Loving Vincent”, the 4.5 million-euro ($5.3 million) production aims to bring to life both van Gogh s works and his tortured soul, to mark this year s 125th anniversary of his death — often held as a suicide — from a gunshot wound.

Its creators are the Oscar-winning BreakThru Productions, which won an Academy Award in 2008 for the animated short “Peter and the Wolf” based on the story and music by Sergei Prokoviev.

Van Gogh, known for his bold colours and rough, vibrant painting style, is considered one of the most revolutionary painters of the 19th century.

He died young at 37, after suffering frequent bouts of mental illness including the infamous episode where he sliced off part of his ear.

And though he sold only one painting during his lifetime, his works today carry multi-million dollar price tags.



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