Ali Gilani reunites with family after three years


LAHORE (Web Desk) – Former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s freed son reunited with his family in a shower of rose petals in Lahore Wednesday, three years after he was kidnapped then taken to Afghanistan.

Ali Haider Gilani was rescued during a counter-terror raid by US and Afghan forces in eastern Afghanistan Tuesday.

Crowds of well-wishers dancing to drum beats greeted the 30-year-old’s arrival at his family’s home in Lahore in a black SUV strewn with pink rose petals.

Gilani, who is a triplet, was accompanied by his brother Ali Kasim on the journey from Kabul in a Prime Minister’s special plane.
His father was reportedly absent from the reunion, with television channels reporting his appearance in a court in Islamabad on corruption charges.

“I really appreciate the… Afghan forces efforts,” Gilani, bearded and wearing a white T-shirt and camouflage baseball cap, told media at a ceremony earlier Wednesday in Kabul.

“I would also like to thank the US forces which at the critical moments of my release provided me with shelter, food and medical care.

“And, at this time, I am looking forward to be reunited with my family, just getting back to normal life.”



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