Afghanistan should prevent RAW from using its soil against Pakistan: FO


ISLAMABAD – Foreign Office Qazi Khalil Ullah Spokesman stated that the government has urged Afghanistan not to allow its territory to be used by RAW for any negative activities in Pakistan,

During a weekly briefing in Islamabad, he said that Pakistan is keen in eliminating terrorism from the country as the army has also geared up by initiating operations against terrorist elements.

He stated that Afghanistan should not allow Indian intelligence agency RAW to use its soil for creating unrest in Pakistan.

FO Spokesman further vowed to strengthen Pakistan-Afghanistan bilateral relations and assured to continue associationwith the neighbors till the end.

He further termed the allegations made by US journalist Seymour Hersh about Pakistan as baseless.

Responding to a question related to the presence of Daish (ISIS) in Pakistan, Qazi Khalil Ullah said the terror outfit has no footprints in Pakistan however, the security personnel have already been trained to fight any mishap.



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