PM Nawaz attended more NA sessions than Imran: report


ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – A report regarding the National Assembly’s performance has revealed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan lags behind Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in NA attendance.

The annual report on ‘Performance of the National Assembly’ was released by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) on Tuesday.

PILDAT stated that the attendance of members of the National Assembly (MNAs) in 2015-2016 was recorded at 61% of the membership; with 206 of 340 members being present on average per sitting. However, over the 103 sittings this year, quorum was lacking 17 times indicating that while MNAs may have attended the House but many only have stayed long enough to mark their attendance and not actually join the complete proceedings.

In the wake of the Panama Leaks scandal that engulfed the country and dominated the final session of the National Assembly, the Opposition resorted to boycotting proceedings till the Prime Minister arrived to answer their questions.

“One of Parliamentary leaders heading the protest against the PM was none other than Mr. Imran Khan, MNA, (NA-56, Punjab, PTI), who had an even more abysmal attendance record than the PM with 5% attendance for the year,” the report revealed.

Through his poor attendance the PTI Chief failed to represent both his constituency and his party in the House, it added.

PILDAT further reported: “Most disappointing perhaps was the attendance of the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, MNA, who attended 10% of the sittings in 2015-16. His attendance is worse in comparison with the previous year when he attended 36% of sittings. Fortunately he did manage to attend more sittings in the National Assembly than the Senate of Pakistan where he made his presence known only once.”

The remaining Parliamentary leaders had better records.

Mr. Iftikhar ud Din, MNA (NA-32, KP, APML), had the highest attendance at 85%. Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition Syed Khursheed Shah impressed with 73% attendance. For adequately representing the citizens of Pakistan, the National Assembly received a score of 50%.

A PILDAT Score Card on the Performance of the 14th National Assembly’s 3rd Parliamentary year showed that the overall performance of the National Assembly has declined by 5 percentage points at 43% from 48% in the second Parliamentary year.
The performance, when compared with five years average of the 13th (previous) National Assembly, which stood at 49%, has also declined.

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