Temperatures likely to rise up to 41-43 degrees in Karachi today


KARACHI : – Temperatures in Karachi is expected to soar to a sweltering 41 to 43 degrees Celsius on Saturday, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said.

The fears pertaining to heatwave still exist in the provincial capital as the city reel under high mercury levels and scorching temperatures.

With the issuance of latest heatwave alert for Karachi, citizens of the coastal city have been advised to take precautionary measures during rising temperatures that have coincided with the first week of the holy month of Ramazan.

The heatwave advisory has warned that temperatures are likely to cross 40 degree Celsius. People have been advised to avoid going outdoors during peak hours of sunlight, from 11am to 4pm.

Concerned departments have also been advised to minimise unannounced load-shedding and uninterrupted provision of water supply to residential areas.

The year 2015 saw the largest number of people dying due to heat stroke in Karachi. The lack of facilities during the heatwave to aid patients claimed 2000 lives.

With no sea breeze and increasing temperatures, residents of Karachi have been advised to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.

Temperatures are said to cross 40 degree Celsius, with no rain expected in the next few days. According to forecast, next rain is predicted for June 15, which will lower temperatures in the city.

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