PM Nawaz orders immediate reopening of Pak-Afghan border


ISLAMABAD (Roze News) – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has issued orders for immediate re-opening of Pak-Afghan border today (Monday).

In a statement, the Prime Minister said recent incidents of terrorism in Pakistan have been traced back to anti-Pakistan elements in Afghanistan. However, the decision to re-open the border is being taken as closure of the border for a long time in the backdrop of religious, culture and historical ties between the two countries would not be in the interest of the people and the economy.

The decision to re-open the border is being taken as a goodwill gesture, he added.

Nawaz hoped that the Afghan Government would take measures to address the reasons for which the borders were closed.

He further stated that Pakistan has reiterated time and again that durable peace in Afghanistan is imperative for peace and security in Pakistan.

Islamabad would continue to collaborate with Kabul to eradicate the menace of terrorism from the two countries, the PM mentioned.

Pak-Afghan border crossings were abruptly ordered closed last month after a series of attacks Pakistan blames on militants sheltered in Afghanistan.

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The closure choked off a key trading route for landlocked Afghanistan. It also cut off Pakistani traders from a steady market.

Pakistani authorities say terrorists infiltrate from Afghanistan into Pakistan through the border crossings.

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