Petrol price hike: Transporters raise wages across the country


MULTAN  – Transporters in Multan charged 5-percent increase in their wages for travel within and outside the city following the hike in prices of petroleum products.

The people across the country face certain issues after hike in petrol prices. The petrol is now priced at Rs 81.53 per litre with the beginning of New Year.

Traveling has become expensive with the petrol price hike. Transporters in Multan have started charging five-percent additional wages while those in Peshawar have introduced self-enforced ten-percent increase in the transport wages.

Meanwhile, the goods’ transporters in Karachi have also enforced ten-percent increase in their wages. The wages from Karachi to Lahore have been raised by Rs. 10,000. The representative of goods’ transporters told that government decision to hike petrol prices have caused worries for the people and forced to make changes in the prices as well.

The goods’ transports will charge Rs 140,000 for transporting a container from Karachi to Peshawar while the price became Rs 120,000 from Karachi to Lahore.

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