Onion price down drastically, export permit require to benefit farmers

There has been dire need of increasing exports for the weakening economy of the country.

LAHORE  – Pakistan’s farmers seek to export surplus onion quantity as domestic prices decline amid arrival of fresh onion crops from the different parts of country especially Sindh. Onion prices have declined significantly over the last few months as huge quantities of onion arrived resulting in gult like situation as Baluchistan batch of onions is expected to arrive during the month of December.

Waheed Ahmed, Chairman All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetables Exporters, Importers, and Merchants Association (PVFA) has said that in a letter written to Agriculture Department of Sindh “it is high time that export of onion may be allowed with immediate effect so that the growers can fetch valuable foreign exchange for the country.”

He further mentioned that there has been dire need of increasing exports for the weakening economy of the country.

The prices of onions have bottomed out in the recent weeks and the situation is to worsen further in the coming few months as onions from Baluchistan are expected to reach markets across Pakistan.

Mr. Waheed Ahmad said that, “growers of Sindh would certainly be unable to get good prices of their onion crops leading to financial losses.”

Chairman fears that if farmers suffer losses due to decline in prices and export permission not allowed, they may divert their focus from onions to other crops. This would generate in-equilibrium in the markets and raise the prices for onion crops in coming future. Moreover they will harvest less and it would burden the common man.

Addressing Minster of Agriculture, Sindh PVFA has requested the authorities to immediately allow export of surplus Onion crops.

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