ISLAMABAD : – Exposing claims of government to eliminate loadshedding, it has been revealed that hydro-power production has decreased by more than 1000 MW.

Finance Minister, Dr Miftah Ismail has said that in order to provide electricity to the public, the duration of loadshedding in industries will be amplified to 10 hours.

He maintained that electricity of the industries was made cheaper for three years while the specified period is soon to be terminated.

Miftah told that Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) will decide over the extension in the duration.

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The Ministry of Energy (MoE) has directed the distribution companies to issue loadshedding schedule as per power theft and line losses.

The ministry has issued directives to Discos to conduct three and a half hour loadshedding on the feeders where 10 percent power theft and line losses are occurring.

Those areas having 10 to 20 percent losses should be issued loadshedding schedule of four and a half hours per day.

Similarly, five-hour power cut on feeders containing 20-30 percent losses and six-hour on 30-40 percent losses has been directed by the ministry.

The distribution companies have also been asked to carry out seven-hour loadshedding on feeders having 40-60 percent losses, eight-hour on 60-80 percent and 11-hour power-cut on more than 80 percent losses.