Important record of Zainab murder case collected through geo-fencing


KASUR : – At least 247 individuals have been termed as suspects in Zainab murder case after reviewing the CCTV footage.

Investigators have collected significant data through geo-fencing. The people suspected to be involved in the rape and murder of the seven-year-old girl included those who departed from her residence and passed by it.

During the period, five mobile numbers were used whereas three calls were made from a suspected number. It has also been learnt that a suspected message was received at a number at 7:15.

Punjab Chief Minister’s advisor Dr Umer Saif published the report pertaining to the developments made in the case.

The DNA test points towards a serial killer as the recent incident has much similarity with previous mishaps.

Zainab’s medical report confirmed ample evidence of assault and rape on the little girl’s body. She had torture marks on nose, neck, and other parts of the body as the rapist slit her wrists and choked her to death.

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