Every girl should aspire to be fit and healthy: Kareena


Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor received a lot of attention for size 0 — a look for her movie Tashan.

Many had raved about how the diva had rocked the look while others had been harsh with criticism with some going to the extent of calling the actress a ‘skeleton.’ Kareena was also criticised for giving an unhealthy message to her followers about how their bodies should look.

The superstar recently talked about the importance of being fit and healthy in an interview with Times of India.

“I always say, size has nothing to do with being healthy or being fit. It’s about how comfortable you are,” she said.

Responding to a question about a trend of actresses sticking to their natural sizes instead of trying to fit into a standard size, Kareena expressed her wholehearted agreement with the change.

“Absolutely, I think if you are doing it for a part, it’s great. But I think, otherwise, one should just be comfortable the way they are.

“As far as fitness is concerned, one should be fit and healthy, that’s something every girl should aspire to be,” the actress said.

Kareena was body-shamed after she got pregnant. She returned to her gym routine a couple of months after her son Taimur’s birth.

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