(Web Desk) – Get your work efficiency to another level with these shortcuts that you may or may not know:

Alt and Tab

Put the two together and smoothly switch between the multiple apps and softwares you have opened on your system simultaneously.

Ctrl and Shift and Esc

Use this shortcut to launch your task manager which would help you boost your system’s speed at slower times.
You’d have to kill the program that has taken most of your RAM in order for it to work.

Shift and Del

Are you in need of something that would save you time to empty your Recycle Bin and delete all your files permanently skipping Recycle Bin step?

Well… look no more. Shift and Delete any selected file yto permanently delete it.

Windows key and L

Press the two together to lock your system in case you have to run a quick erand and you do not want to open all the file again once you come back.

Lock your system and log in after coming back to everything unchanged; exactly how you left it.

Ctrl and F4

Use these keys together to end all the windows open of the same software at once.