‘I burn my boats to meet the goal’


MIANWALI  – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan asserted in an address delivered to students of NUML university on Sunday that he ‘burns boats to meet his goal’, if needed.

Khan said that people below the age of 35 constitute some 70 percent of population of Pakistan and the youth has fallen prey to foreign culture.


PTI chief decried the indoctrination and said that those who adopt cultures they are not born into, can’t keep a track of their identity.

Khan said that no donkey could become a zebra with a pattern drawn on his skin. PTI chief said that the nation is troubled in the present times as people are impressed with culture of the West.

Khan earlier addressed a rally in Tanusa Sharif on Saturday and said that the government uses 60 percent of development funds for ‘their city’ Lahore while depriving other cities their rightful share.

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